Alternative Controls

In some applications keypads and touch plates may not be the clients preferred control. Simple switches, sensors or other 3rd party devices may be better suited to the individual project.

Key features

• Four to Eight Contact Inputs.
• Pluggable 2.5mm screw-terminal connections.
• Trigger on contact closed / open / held closed /released-after-held states.
• Upto 511 modules per M-Bus network (over 4000 inputs).
• Configurable timing and de-bounce parametersforeach input.
• Configurable inversion for each input (in software).
• Use with Impulse, Toggle or Multi-Press Operations.

We have a range of switch input interfaces that can be used with conventional momentary push switches which can be programmed to give simple control of the lighting system. This may be of particular use in projects where traditional switch styling may be preferred or where only very simple control is required.