8 x Channel Input / Output Interface

Eight channels independently configurable in any combination of: 0-10V or DSI outputs or 0-10V, DSI, or volt free contact closure inputs. The module can also control DMX for simple colour changing.

Key features

• Eight configurable channels selectable to Inputs or Outputs.
• Inputs - Volt free contacts, 0-10V, 1-10V or DSI.
• Outputs - 0-10V, 1-10V or DSI dimming control.
• 6 zone RGB/RGBW DMX.
• Volt free Contact Interface with other building control systems.
• Intelligent standalone feature providing multiple operating modes programmed from the menu driven display and keypad i.e. Scene Recall, Impulse, Dimming and Protocol Converter.
• M-BUS to a range of field based Control Devices such as MultiSensors, Switch Input Units, LCD and Multi-button Control Plates, Blind Controllers and RS-232 Audio Visual Interface.
• LED Status Indication of field connected control wiring and devices.
• Installer pre-commissioning testing via the onboard keypad and display.
• Non-volatile memory.
• The modules provide a flexible solution for bespoke panel design to suit any application and installation constraints.
• 2 year warranty.

The Input-Output Module is an ultra-compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for up to eight configurable Inputs or Outputs and an M-BUS network.

Each of the eight channels are selectable as Inputs or Outputs. Inputs can be selected as 0/1-10V, DSI or switched contact inputs and Outputs can be selected as 0/1-10V or DSI to SELV equipment.

Channels 7 and 8 can be configured to provide 6 zones of DMX control designed for RGB or RGBW lighting.

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