Universal Ballast Control Module

Suitable for control of analogue or digital ballasts. Integral DALI power supply, with control of up to 64 DALI addressable devices. Four additional isolated I/O channels, independently configurable in any combination of: 0-10V, DSI outputs or volt free contact closure inputs.

Key features

• Integral 250mA DALI standard PSU
• DALI short circuit and overload protection
• M-BUS to a range of field based Control Devices such as MultiSensors, Switch Input Units, LCD and Multi-button Control Plates, Blind Controllers and RS-232 Audio Visual Interface
• Intelligent standalone mode providing DALI Group control and four channels of configurable I/O programmed from the menu driven display and keypad
• Configurable I/O provides connections for Scene Recall Switches, Impulse Switches, 0/1-10V and DSI lighting circuits
• LED Status Indication for field connected control wiring and devices
• Installer pre-commission testing via the on-board keypad and display
• Non-volatile flash memory
• The modules provide a flexible solution for bespoke panel design to suit any application and installation constraints
• 2 year warranty

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Ballast Module is an ultra-compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for a DALI Universe, configurable inputs-outputs and an M-BUS network.

Using DALI, up to 64 luminaires can be connected through a single power and data connection whilst retaining individual control. This is complimented with four additional channels of configurable I/O.

The DALI Ballast Module can be used in standalone mode where it can be set-up directly via the
on-board keypad and display driven menu system and the intelligent DALI setup assistant without the need for a PC.

As part of a wider networked solution, DALI Ballast Modules can be configured to operate as part of an EcoControls fully addressable lighting management system.

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