As manufacturers of transformers, our range includes products designed specifically for OEM Luminaire manufacturers. Bringing the same high quality, reliable performance and long life of our other transformer designs, the MOE products are built with tight footprints for space saving and configurable cable outlets to suit fitting layouts.

Key features

• Voltage regulation, from 20W to 105W.
• Self resetting, short circuit and overload protection.
• Approved to R.F.I. Standard EN 55014/15.
• Energy efficient, ensures cool operating temperature.
• Approved to Safety Standard IEC 1046.
• Low audible noise throughout the dimming range.
• Lightweight and compact size, only 240 grammes.
• Mode Products are guaranteed for two years.

MOE transformers offer operation in high ambient temperatures, EMC compliant design, smooth dimming with ANY type of dimmer, short circuit and overload protection. For volume orders, the position of input and output cables and cable finishing can be selected to suit the production requirements of the luminaire manufacturer. As with the ET-C range, Self Dimmable versions are also available for local control of a light fitting.The MOE-C is a rectangular casing style and the MOE-D is a drum shaped housing offering better weight, heat, noise and dimming performance than conventional wirewound transformers. Available in 75VA and 105VA as standard, with a minimum load of 20 watts, we are also able to produce special versions suitable for loads as  low as a single 5 watt lamp.As part of the specification process our in-house design and test facilities can be used for compliance testing of the fitting and transformer package as a whole to ensure reliable, standard compliant operation and long  life of the fitting.