The brief for the project was to create light open plan spaces and utilise the latest in eco-friendly systems including lighting controls working together as part of a property wide wirelessly controlled system. The client had previously selected a separate PC based touch-screen control system to be the main user interface and the Evolution system from Mode Lighting was selected to link in with the PC system.

The highly flexible nature of Evolution allows control of the open plan areas and individual rooms including blind controls and whole house commands for welcome and exit settings, party modes etc. Lighting and blinds are controlled by either the Evolution keypads located at regular switch positions or by the wireless control system.
A selection of conventional switches, single gang push button control plates and double gang sized control plates with LCD screens, for menu-driven control, were used to operate the lighting and blinds throughout the house.

Product used

  • Evolution Control Plates

    Offering verstaile yet simple control of the Evolution system, the Evolution range of control plates offers adaptable lighting management controls.
  • Evolution Power and Proccesor Unit

    The Evolution lighting system offers intelligent, multi protocol control and can handle expanding range of light sources and control options , to metal halide, flourescent and LED lighting. with an astronomical time-clock the Power and Processor units are available as standard from 3A to 20A with leading, trailing edge and high power switching versions al linkable to create the desired fully networked system.