Mirage Power Units

The Mirage Power Unit is available in single, four or eight channel models available in either 10 or 6 Amps per channel.

Key features

• Circuit protection using Type C MCBs.
• Emergency output fixed live MCB protected output for maintained emergency supply.
• LED channel monitor to indicate the operation of the output.
• Control input suitable for use with 0-6 Volt, 0-10Volt and 1-10 Volt Controllers.
• Supply input 230/240 volt, 50-60Hz, 40amp maximum. (100-125 Volt option available)
• Internal test switch to enable unit to betested to full on.
• Triac with screw fixings can be removed for servicing.
• External supply low voltage D.C. for use withremote dimmers and ancillary equipment.
• Conduit cable entries (four) 21mm diameter suitable for use with conduits and trunking.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• Black aluminium case with silver anodised frontpanel.
• Mode products are guaranteed for two years.

The Mirage Power Units are wall mounting, single or multiple channel, Dimmable Power Units designed for the reliable leading edge, mains dimming of resistive or inductive lighting loads. They are rated between 48 and 10 Amps (9 Amps inductive) and are protected by Type C Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB). The control input could be either 0-6 Volt or 0-10 Volt from the Mode control systems or 1-10 Volt sinking control from Building Management Systems. The Mirage Power Units are mounted in a black aluminum case with a natural anodised silver front panel. Three models are availbale including the MP-10-01 (1 channel of 10 Amps), MP-10-04 (4 channels of 10 Amps) and the MP-06-08 (8 channels of 6 Amps). All Mode products are guaranteed for a two year period.