4 x 3A Leading Edge Dimmer

Dimmer module for control of 3A per circuit (maximum module load of 10A). Switching or dimming function is selectable for control of multiple load types.

Key features

• 4 x 700W Dimmer Module (total 10A max).
• 4 x 75W LED load maximum (subject to confirmation of compatibility).
• Leading Edge Dimming Technology.
• Compact 9M width DIN Rail Mounting Module.
• Selectable dimming or switching operation.
• Programmable circuit Cap and Cup levels.
• Operates resistive and inductive loads including LED loads (leading edge compatible type only).
• Low Load Compatible.
• M-BUS enabled.
• Quiet operation.
• ISO9001 certified design and manufacturing facility.
• 2 year warranty.

A four circuit dimmer module rated at 700W per circuit for the control of resistive and inductive lighting loads (75W per channel for compatible LED loads) with the facility to select dimming or switched only operation of any circuit. A custom designed housing provides reliable power handling in a compact format.

Modules may be used in a standalone mode with simplified functionality providing programmable scene setting or Impulse (ON/OFF/DIM) type control from a single keypad. Alternatively conventional momentary switches can be linked to a Contact Input Module (DIN-INT-00-08-PLUS) to provide Impulse (ON/OFF/DIM) control of up to eight lighting circuits using eDIN+ Dimmer Modules.

An onboard menu system provides simple setup of circuit functions, maximum and minimum dimming levels, circuit test facility and power percentage monitoring. eDIN+ Dimmer modules may also be used in conjunction with a Network Processor Module to provide flexible, adaptable control for small to medium scale projects.

To see the eDIN+ range of control plates please click HERE.