Tiger Plates

Tiger Control Plates

The Tiger Control Plates provides eight configurable buttons allowing scene recall, impulse and toggle and two multifunction buttons providing On & Raise and Off & Lower with integral IR receiver. All buttons have integral RGB LED’s.

Key features

• Single gang plate
• Screwless fascias plate utilising the MK Aspect range
• Buttons available in either black or white
• Multifunction buttons - scene recall, impulse and toggle
• Indicator LED’s with seven user selectable RGB colours and intensity. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange and White.
• Integral IR Infrared receiver
• 1-4 Room Partition facility
• Two volt-free contact switch inputs - Individually addressable and configurable
• Keypad Lockout
• Fault condition feedback via LED flashing
• 2 year warranty

The lighting within an installation can be manually controlled by a multi-button Control Plate.

The indicator LED’s within the buttons are RGB and dimmable, therefore seven colours of selectable intensity are available. Where buttons have a multifunction i.e. Toggle On & Off, the LED colour can toggle, say Green & Red to provide current status.

The Control Plates are connected to an Area Controller via the M-BUS network cable. The M-BUS provides the means of SELV communication between the Area Controller to Lighting Controllers and Control Devices.