Our Evolution range of equipment was supplied at Icebar, the UK’s only permanent bar made of ice. One of the main criteria for the lighting control scheme was the ability to be flexible in its programming and type of load being controlled as every autumn a new unique theme is created by the Ice Hotel’s artists and ice designers.

Product used

  • Evolution Control Plate

    Scene selection is achieved via an elegant push-button panel. The buttons are clearly labelled and feature LED illumination and feedback. An IR receiver is also built-in as standard.
  • Evolution Control Plate EVO-LCD-55-BLK

    EVO-LCD-55-BLK The LCD panel has the ability to display multiple pages and can include a series of screens to allow control of the lighting in each of the zones. The text is fully programmable.
  • Evolution Power and Processor Unit

    Evolution packs are available in range of sizes from 3 to 20 Amps and configurations of 6 to 36 channels. Each pack has standard features including configurable load types including dimming, switching, 01-10 /1-10V, DSI. Automation is achieved through the in-built astronomical time clock with system integration via either volt free contactor RS232.