Based in the heart of Salford’s Jewish district, Beis Ruchel girls school provides an orthodox Jewish education for children of primary and secondary ages. The complete refurbishment of an existing building now provides a state of the art facility for the local community. Under strict Jewish orthodox law, no person can cause any object to “work” on the Sabbath day; including turning on lights via traditional wall switches or passive infrared detectors. Mode Lighting was chosen by the electrical consultant to provide a solution to this interesting dilemma, to allow the school to still be operational under these conditions. The lighting in each of the 30 plus rooms has either an Evolution switch plate or a PIR to control the lights on non Sabbath days.

Product used

  • Evolution Control Plates

    Offering versatile yet simple control of the Evolution system, the Evolution range of control plates offers adaptable lighting management controls.
  • Evolution Power and Processor Unit

    The Evolution lighting system offers intelligent, multi-protocol control and can handle an expanding range of light sources and control options, to metal halide, fluorescent and LED lighting, with an astronomical time-clock the Power and Processor units are available as standard from 3A to 20A with leading, trailing edge and high power switching versions all linkable to create the desired fully networked system.