Tiger Control Plate

Key features

• Single gang plate.
• 10 and 5 button options as standard.
• Stylish screwless fascia plate.
• Indicator LEDs with seven user selectable colours.
• One of two zone operation on a plate.
• Multi channel scene setting controller.
• Integral IR Infrared receiver.
• 1-4 room partition facility.
• PIR input trigger facility.
• Up to 99 channels on a single system.
• Different fascia finishes available.
• Programmable fascia finishes available.
• Remote scene overrides ON and OFF.
• 2 year warranty.

The Tiger architectural dimming system is a fully programmable multi channel lighting control system designed for use in a variety of installations from hotels, restaurants and bars to offices, residential properties and leisure venues etc.

The Tiger Control Plate provides simple scene setting control of an area or zone of lighting. The Control Plate can be setup during installation to provide up to 8 scenes ON/OFF, FADE UP/DOWN control of a single area, or two areas of control each with four scenes plus ON/OFF.