Mode M-BUS Cable


Key features

• Designed for Mode Lighting Control Systems.
• Stranded tinned copper conductors.
• 1 x power pair 2 x 16 awg (0.74mm² CSA).
• 1 x data pair 2 x 24 awg (0.5mm² CSA).
• Power cores = Low Smoke Zero Halogen.
• Data pair = Foam polyethylene.
• Power cores = Red, Black - Twisted Pair.
• Data pair = White, Blue - Twisted Pair (screened).
• Available in various lengths.
• 2 year warranty.

To ensure a robust and reliable installation of Mode Lighting products, we recommend the use of dedicated data cable designed specifically for Mode products.

An M-BUS data network should be no more than 1000m in length. Larger networks can be created using M-BUS extenders. Please contact Mode Lighting for full details.

The Mode EVO-CAB-00-04 utilises a durable but thin jacket to allow for easy routing with colour coded cores to help simplify installation.