The Mode ‘3C’ range has been designed specifically to operate argon pumped cold cathode lighting tubes of diameter 18-25mm. The ‘3C’ is effectively a modern update to the popular ‘Argotran’ from Mode Lighting. It offers the same functionality but with far greater usability.

Key features

• Dimmable with all types of dimmer.
• Constant current High Frequency output.
• Designed for use with Argon tubes.
• No minimum length of tubing.
• Open circuit and overload protected.
• Light weight and compact size.
• Terminal covers with cable clamps.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• Designed to meet EN61050 and EN50107-1/EN61347-2-10 (Draft).
• Easy installation-plug / socket mains connections.
• Mode products are guaranteed for two years.

The ‘3C’ are generally used to power concealed up-lighters in coffers or cornices. For this type of indirect lighting, a higher brightness is required than would normally be needed for simple Argon signage. There are three high output models of ‘3C’ to choose from. This model is the ‘3C-2’ which is a 90mA twin output version. It has an output voltage of less than 1kV and is therefore classified as a low voltage convertor. ‘3C’ is fully dimmable by all types of leading and trailing edge dimming systems and has open circuit and overload protection. Installation is now easier than ever with pluggable mains connectors and single screw cable clamps.