Designed to solve the problem of how to reliably and safely dim cold cathode, NEOTRAN was the first mains dimmable convertor designed for Neon and Argon tubes. The range now comprises three models ranging from 1000V to 3000V with power outputs from 25mA to 75mA depending on the exact model.

Key features

• Dimmable with all types of dimmer.
• Constant current High Frequency output.
• No minimum length of tubing.
• Open circuit, short circuit and overload protected.
• Lightweight and compact size.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• Designed to meet EN 61050 and EN 50107/EN61347-2-10 (Draft) Terminal covers and cable clamps.
• Mode products are guaranteed for two years.

Originally created for control of neon lighting in the entertainment sector where the need for energy efficient, light weight, dimmable and safe convertors was paramount, NEOTRAN units have been installed in applications from nightclub rigs and stage sets to cruise ship lighting, signage and light sculptures. The intrinsically safe design of all our convertors simplifies the installation process and provides long, reliable service. The most popular NEOTRAN model, the 3kV 25mA unit, is ideal where the tubing can be viewed and a high brightness light output is not required yet a large amount of glass needs to be controlled.  In simple terms the current dictates the brightness of a tube and the voltage decides the maximum length of tube that can be driven.NEOTRAN has been used in daylight replication and colour changing situations and provides smooth and stable dimming of tubes to a low level, or even zero, depending on the dimming systems being used.