Located on the island of Stromness in the Orkneys visitors arrive and depart using the nearby Ferry service. This results in high and low periods of usage within the galleries and the design brief called for a control system that could provide a mix of scene setting control and occupancy detection ensuring the exhibits are correctly illuminated while people are in the centre but lighting levels drop when areas are unoccupied to ensure energy efficient operation whilst maintaining a welcoming appearance to the building. Lighting scenes within each gallery are programmed and saved via a simple to use, graphics based, PC software package allowing staff to adjust lighting to suit different exhibitions without the need to call in external engineers.

Product used

  • Evolution Control Plates

    Offering versatile yet simple control of the Evolution system, the Evolution range of control plates offers adaptable lighting management controls.
  • Evolution Power and Processor Unit

    The Evolution lighting system offers intelligent, multi-protocol control and can handle an expanding range of light sources and control options, to metal halide, fluorescent and LED lighting, with an astronomical time clock the Power and Processor units are available as standard from 3A to 20A with leading, trailing edge and high power switching versions all linkable to create the desired fully networked system.