Area Controller

Network Adressable Area Controller

Key features

• Network addressable area controller.
• 4 x RS485 Network ports.
• Each network port supports 127 Daylux devices (508 per DAC).
• Scalable to 65,000 Daylux devices.
• Enables central manual or automatic control of building.
• Allows connection of multiple floors (trunk and spur topology).
• 5 x Dry contact programmable inputs.
• LCD Display.
• Real time clock.
• Calendar based timed events and scheduling.
• Mode Lighting products are guaranteed for two years.

A SET-DAC is used when central control over multiple floors is required or if a single system exceeds 127 LCM’s. This allows the system to be ultimately scalable up to 65,000 devices. The SET-DAC has a built in calendar based time clock and five programmable contacts allowing manual or automated central control of features in the Daylux system. For example a single manual key switch could initiate an emergency battery test throughout the building or, on detection of a fire a contact from the fire alarm could switch the entire buildings lighting to 100% brightness and lock out any manual control, aiding access from the building.