Cable for connecting the DAYLUX Lighting product range

4-Core - Two Twisted Pairs Cable

Key features

• 4-Core comprising of two twisted pairs of stranded tinned copper (7 x 0.3 mm² per core)
• Each pair individually foil shielded 300V RMS.
• Inner shield drain wire stranded tinned copper (7 x 0.2 mm²)
• Core colour code- Pair #1 = Red & Black.
Pair #2 = Green & White.
• Grey LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) outer sheath.
• Overall nominal diameter- 5.0 mm.
• Mains containment rated, suitable to run alongside 600V.
• For use with RS485 data networking.
• 100m reel.

Recommended cable for connecting the LCM’s or DDC’s together (Area and Local BUS Networks):-

Compatible connection of Sensors to: SET-DDC, SET-DLCM, SET-DAC and the SET-DFPN