Presence or Absence Sensor

Surface Mount Occupancy Sensor

Key features

• Presence or Absence Detector (Selectable).
• DALI Dimming.
• Surface Mounting.
• Standalone operation.
• Adjustable time delay.
• Super sensitive - dual pyro element detection.
• Designed to be used on LED loads.
• Multi-facet fresnel lens.
• Set-up using an IR programming handset.
• Mode Lighting products are guaranteed for two years.

The SET-SEN-DIM-SM is a Presence or Absence detector for Surface Mounting onto a ceiling. The SET-SEN-DIM-SM is a true stand alone multi-sensor, mains powered with occupancy and light level sensors designed to be automatically or manually switched ON via a bell-push type wall switch. Whilst the lights are ON the sensor can maintain a set lux level, dimming the LED fittings according to the incoming natural daylight. This maintained luminance function maximises energy savings. Once movement has ceased and after an adjustable time delay the sensor will automatically switch the lights OFF. As standard all SET-SEN-DIM sensors have the selectable option of DALI broadcast signal or 1-10V analogue output for dimming, all functions are adjusted through an IR handset.