Key features

• LED friendly Scene Setting Dimmer.
• Self contained unit.
• Four circuits of Trailing Edge Dimming
(2 x 500W, 2 x 250W, 1000W max Halogen)
(2 x 150W, 2 x 75W, 300W max LED).
• Four programmable scenes plus ON/OFF and RAISE/LOWER of any scene or circuit.
• Programmable fade rate from scene to scene.
• Alternate four channel impulse function.
• Double gang plate.
• Stylish screwless fascia plate utilising the MK Aspect range.
• Buttons available in either black or white.
• Indicator LEDs with seven user selectable RGB colours and intensity. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange and White.
• Multiway switching and remote input control.
• Optional Infrared control available.
• Different fascia finishes available.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• 2 year warranty.

SceneStyLED4 from Mode is the stylish way to control your lighting. Self contained, it connects to your existing wiring without fuss and can control up to four independent circuits of lighting. It can quickly and easily be programmed by the user to store any combination of four moods or “scenes”, as well as ON and OFF.

SceneStyLED4 can be used in two ways, firstly as a four channel Scene Setting Dimmer with the ability to have two way switching and dimming control of one or more channels using conventional switches at the second positions. It can also be configured to operate as four individual “Impulse” channels with each button (1-4) controlling a circuit with ON/OFF/DIM functionality.

Other features include setting maximum and minimum dimming levels to improve performance of LED loads, adjustable face times and a “holiday” mode to replicate operation when no one is at home.