Power Units

Behind the scenes of every Evolution installation are the Power and Processor Units. These are both dimmer power “brawn” and control “brain”, in a uniquely small enclosure.

Key features

• Dimmable Power Unit.
• Leading Edge Dimming Technology.
• Fully configurable control operation.
• Multi function DSI, DMX, M-BUS, RS-232, 0/1-10V and contact operation.
• Astronomical time clock built in.
• Intelligent self monitoring power supply.
• Factory set default operation for quick installation and testing.
• Individual 8A or 10A Type C MCB Circuit Protection.
• Emergency Fixed Live MCB protected outputs (2 per phase) for maintained emergency supplies.
• DIN rail mounted wiring terminals.
• Supply input 230/240V. 50-60Hz. Single or three phase options.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• 2 year warranty.

Evolution is a versatile and highly configurable architectural control system designed for both lighting and peripheral management.

Evolution is uniquely adaptable, making it an ideal choice for use in a vast number of applications including modern smart homes, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, boardrooms, hospitality suites and offices. System features include RS-232, DMX, DSI and 0/1-10V controls.

A built in astronomical time clock facilitates events triggered at any time of day, linked with sunrise – sunset calculations or by user definable seasons. Any input may control any output with the ability to provide operation of a sequence of events, for example, control of lighting, blind motors, commands to building management systems, colour changing etc.