eDIN+ Firmware

Download eDIN+ Firmware

Please be aware before upgrading your system.

If you have a system running the original eDIN Software and want to upgrade to eDIN+ please call the Mode Technical team before trying to upgrade your system on +44 (0) 01920 462266.

eDIN+ Downloads:

Standalone-Mode Wiring Index
Wiring Diagram 1: Impulse Operation Using a Keypad (7.7MB)
Wiring Diagram 2: Scene Setting Mode (1.5MB)
Wiring Diagram 3: Impulse Operation Using Switches (7.7MB)

eDIN Legacy Downloads:

eDIN NPU Firmware & Web Application V1.3.0.99
eDIN Offline Editor V1.3.0.99
Control Board Firmware (all modules)