MBUS Sensor


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Key features

• Flexible motion detection from 4m-6m (at 2.4m floor to ceiling height) allows the use of a customised range setting to better serve the monitored space.
• Dual motion detection allows two selectable sensitivity and range settings to be stored, i.e. Absence Detection and Presence Detection (see Figure 1).
• Configurable PIR expiry time (off delay).
• Uses SELV compliant communication bus; M-BUS.
• Bi-colour diagnostic LED provides intuitive M-BUS installation feedback to assist the installer and end user.
• Occupancy walk test via LED flash.
• Compact form factor; 55mm mounting hole diameter, 90mm Deep.
• Supplied with spring clips for easy mounting.
• Quick installation with pluggable M-BUS patch lead.
• 2 year warranty.

The Mode Sensor communicates to lighting control panels and the area controller via the M-BUS. The manner in which the Mode Sensor controls lighting is totally flexible. Each sensing element of the Mode Sensor can be individually programmed to operate any light or output, or influence a control sequence. Settings are defined in the system configuration, no custom operation settings are stored in the sensor itself.