Occupancy Sensor

Compact Occupancy Sensor

Key features

• Combined occupancy and light level sensor.
• Compact and discreet form factor.
• Low Voltage SELV.
• 5 metre RJ12 to RJ12 lead included for quick installation.
• Dynamic analogue light level sensing.
• Super sensitive - dual pyro element detection.
• Easy mounting in plasterboard ceilings or fibre ceiling tiles.
• Multi-facet fresnel lens.
• IP64 rated version for use within bathrooms.
• Surface mounting kit available (SET-PSB).
• Mode Lighting products are guaranteed for two years.

The SET-DOL-RJ is a discrete low profile, ceiling mounted Multi Sensor which combines a PIR occupancy sensor and an analogue light sensor. Specifically designed to connect into the SET-DLCM3 or SET-DLCM5 Lighting Control Modules, the sensor comes complete with a 5 metre RJ12 to RJ12 connection lead enabling rapid installation. The occupancy sensor provides a contact signal back to the LCM when movement is detected and the light level sensor reports dynamically on the ambient light level.