Lighting Control Module

Hard Wired Lighting Control Module

Key features

• Hard wired network addressable LCM.
• 2 x Channel DALI broadcast, up to 128 DALI devices.
• 2 x 16 A emergency test relay.
• 2 x Sensor ports. Each having a maximum of 10 sensors, including a maximum of 1 light level sensor.
• 5 x Dry contact programmable inputs.
• LCD display for standalone programming.
• Mode Lighting products are guaranteed for two years.

The SET-DDC2 is a two channel hard wired Lighting Control Module (LCM) programmed by front end software as part of the Daylux Lighting Control system. It has a two broadcast DALI universe outputs that can control up to 128 DALI devices. Occupancy and light level sensors are wired directly back to the two sensor ports for automatic daylight harvesting of the lighting load. Each unit also incorporates two programmable feed through relays which enables a centralised manual test facility for the emergency lighting.