LEDdrive – Giga

The Giga-75 and Giga-150 are part of the LEDdrive range from Mode Lighting. They are mains dimmable constant voltage power supply units designed to drive 24V constant voltage LEDs.

Key features

• 24V constant voltage output.
• Mains dimmable (Leading/Trailing Edge).
• Giga 75 - 24V DC 15-75W.
• Giga 150 - 24V DC 15-150W.
• High power factor.
• Short circuit and open circuit protection.
• High efficiency which ensures a cool operating temperature.
• Flame retardant moulded enclosure.
• Five year guarantee.
• CE Compliant to EC EMC and Low Voltage directives.
• Low audible noise throughout the dimming range.
• High Tolerance Internal Load Regulation ensures smooth and stable dimming of loads with matched dimming curve.

All LEDdrive power supplies are dimmable by both leading and trailing edge dimmers (subject to a minimum load). The Giga-75 and Giga-150 range provides a constant voltage of 24V with a parallel output current from 0.625A to 3.125A (Giga-75) or 0.625A to 6.25A (Giga-150).