Touch Sensitive Glass Plate

A keypad with smart phone inspired buttons.

Key features

• Single gang plate.
• Stylish screwless fascia plate.
• Available in either Black or White glass as standard.
• Multi function button action - Scene Recall, Impulse and Toggle.
• Indicator LEDs with seven user selectable RGB colours and intensity. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange and White.
• Extensive library of laser etched button icons with custom designs available on request.
• Two volt free contact switch inputs - individually addressable and configurable.
• Different fascia finishes available on request.
• 2 year warranty.

Coolbrium is a smart phone inspired touch sensitive keypad with up to eight programmable buttons which can be configured to control lights in any format desired. Available with a bespoke Black or White glass fascia as standard the touch buttons can be engraved to suit individual applications.

Buttons can be programmed to recall a scene, toggle a scene ON and OFF, RAISE or LOWER lighting levels, control blinds.

Coolbrium is just one of a range of keypads and user interfaces available from Mode Lighting which have been designed to offer the user a wide selection of finishes, button styles, layouts and overall styling.

All keypads connect using the M-BUS network and systems can be controlled to allow any button to control any single group or groups of lighting as required.