Back Lit Laser Etched Button Control Plate

A keypad with a sleek, screwless design.

Key features

• Single gang plate.
• 10, 5 and 2 button options as standard.
• Stylish screwless fascia plate utilising the MK Aspect range.
• Buttons available in either black or white.
• Multi function button action - Scene Recall, Impulse and Toggle.
• Indicator LEDs with seven user selectable RGB colours and intensity. Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange and White.
• Extensive library of laser etched button icons with custom designs available on request.
• Two volt free contact switch inputs - individually addressable and configurable.
• Keypad lockout.
• Fault condition feedback via LED flashing.
• Different fascia finishes available on request.
• 2 year warranty.

The iCON Plate offers simple plate styling using the Aspect range of screwless plates from MK and combines them with intelligent flexible control from buttons which can be engraved with text or symbols to identify operation. Each button has a multicolour LED behind it allowing illumination to be chosen based on function or purely as a style choice.

Buttons can be programmed to recall a scene, toggle a scene ON and OFF, RAISE or LOWER lighting levels, control blinds.

iCON is just one of a range of keypads and user interfaces available from Mode Lighting which have been designed to offer the user a wide selection of finishes, button styles, layouts and overall styling.

All keypads connect using the M-BUS network and systems can be controlled to allow any button to control any single group or groups of lighting as required.