Power Supply Module

Low voltage Power Supply for eDIN+ Modules. Every eDIN+ system requires a minimum of one 24V PSU.

Key features

• 24V SELV compliant Power Supply.
• 800mA Power Supply for M-BUS network.
• M-BUS network connection via screw terminals for M-BUS control devices and a socket for fast connection to other modules via an M-BUS patch lead.
• The modules provide a flexible solution for bespoke panel design to suit any application and installation constraints.
• Compact 3M width DIN rail mounting module.
• 2 year warranty.

The Power Supply Module is an ultra compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for a single M-BUS network via screw terminals and a patch lead socket.

The Power Supply Module provides up to 800mA, 24V DC. Additional Power Supply Modules can be added if required.

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