4 Channel Relay Contact Module

Mains zero crossing synchronised feed through relay module for control of blinds, motors and switched loads. Four volt free changeover channels. Channel 1 also offers DC polarity reversal for control of low voltage blinds.

Key features

• Four individually addressable relays.
• 5A per relay - resistive or inductive loads.
• Up to 1A of compatible LED load per channel.
• One double pole changeover contact for forward/reverse motor control for blind operation.
• Three single pole changeover contacts for standard ON/OFF operation.
• Mains synchronised zero crossing of relay contacts.
• Feed through relay contacts (volt free) for interface with other building control systems.
• Intelligent standalone feature providing multiple operating modules programmed from the menu driven display and keypad.
• Compact 6M width DIN rail mounting module.
• 2 year warranty.

The Relay Contact Module is an ultra compact DIN rail mounted unit with connections for four relay outputs and an M-BUS network. Each feed through relay can switch 5A with a maximum module load of 20A.

Each of the four relays are individually addressable and are all synchronised to zero crossing of the AC sine wave referenced to the module mains supply. This minimises the potential arc damage that can occur to the contacts.

The Relay Contact Module can be used in standalone mode where it can be set up directly via the onboard keypad and display driven menu system without the need for a PC.

As part of a wider networked solution, Relay Contact Modules can be configured to operate as part of an eDIN+ fully addressable lighting management system.

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