ID-01-01 LED

Impulse Dimmer

Impulse LED is an LED friendly version of our popular retrofit Impulse Dimmer Module. Impulse Dimmers can be operated by any momentary or centre retractive type switch.

Key features

• 250W in-line LED Dimmer
(1000W for tungsten loads).
• Set both minimum and maximum light levels.
• Suitable for Leading Edge dimmable LED loads.
• Hard fired dimming, neutral required.
• Low voltage switch plate wiring.
• Controlled by any momentary switch.
• ON/OFF, DIM UP/DIM DOWN functions.
• Multi position dimming control.
• Multi gang switch plate capabilities.
• Fully isolated switch plate input.
• Fully protected fused output.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• 2 year warranty.

A single switch can be used to provide ON/OFF/RAISE/LOWER operation.

A centre retractive switch can be used for ON/RAISE and OFF/LOWER control.

The Impulse LED can also be used for multi position, multi gang dimming control and can be programmed to set minimum and maximum light levels which provides the ability to fine tune the dimming range to suit the wide variety of LED lamps available.

A 1-10V version (ID-00-01) is also available for switching and 1-10V dimming applications (maximum load 100W LED or 500W tungsten).