Lighting Control Module

Hard Wired Switching Control Module

Key features

• Hard wired switching controller.
• 1 x relay output channel.
• Switches up to 9 x LED drivers.
• Adjustable Time Delay 4, 8, 16 or 32 minutes.
• Controllable by up to ten presence detectors and one light level sensor.
• Light level threshold adjustment.
• Mode Lighting products are guaranteed for two years.

The SET-PODCU1 is a single channel hard wired controller for automatic switching of lighting. Up to ten low voltage presence detectors (SET-PDOCH) can be linked together and wired back to the SET-PODCU1 controller. A light level sensor (SET-ALD5) can also be added to the system to avoid switching lights ON when there is sufficient natural light available. The threshold for this light level is set by potentiometer on the front of the SET-PODCU1 controller. A combined presence and light level sensor is also available (SET-DOL).