SceneStyle 2


SceneStyle2 from Mode is the stylish way to control your lighting. Self-contained, it connects to your existing wiring without fuss and can control up to two independent circuits of lighting. It can quickly and easily be programmed by the user to store any combination of four moods or “scenes”, as well as on and off.

Key features

• Two circuits of trailing edge dimming, (1 x 500 watts, 1 x 250 watts, 500 watts maximum).
• Four programmable scenes plus On/Off and Raise/Lower of any Scene or Circuit.
• Programmable fade rate from scene to scene.
• No neutral required, ideal for replacing mains switches or rotary dimmers. Uses existing wiring.
• Infrared remote control handset included as standard.
• Fits into UK single-gang sized back box (47mm deep).
• Stylish screwless fascias available in White, Brushed Stainless Steel, Brass and Chrome.
• Indicator buttons available in Black or White to complement Fascias.
• Indicator LEDs with seven user selectable colours.
• Multi-Way switching and remote input control.
• Mode products are guaranteed for two years.

By selecting the different scenes, areas of your home can have completely different lighting atmospheres to suit your use of the space. So you can turn your living room into a home cinema, the day room into a quiet snug and the conservatory into a dining room, all at the touch of a button. You can also select “full on” for cleaning or manually increase or decrease the brightness of an individual scene or circuit. Each scene can be any combination of the two lighting circuits at any brightness level from a soft glow to a bright illumination. Even the time taken to “fade” between each different mood is programmable.
For example, in a kitchen, there may be low voltage recessed down-lights in the ceiling and low voltage task lights under the wall cabinets. By simply pressing a button, you can choose to alter the lighting levels to suit “food preparation”, where the under cabinets task lights are brighter, a “breakfast” scene designed to be comfortable for those early mornings, an “Evening” scene which generates a gentle hue just bright enough to find a snack whilst watching your favourite movie and a “cleaing scene for, well, cleaning.
Each SceneStyle2 is supplied as standard with an eight-button infrared handset that mimics the control panel, so you do not even have to leave the comfort of your favourite chair to enjoy hi-tech control of your lighting.