Trailing Edge Power Units

Key features

• Dimmable channels of 3A trailing edge loads.
• Trailing Edge Dimming Technology.
• Fully configurable control operation.
• Multi function DSI, DMX, M-BUS, RS-232, 0/1-10V and contact operation.
• Astronomical time clock built in.
• Intelligent self monitoring power supply.
• Factory set default operation for quick installation and testing.
• Individual 8A or 10A Type C MCB Circuit Protection.
• Emergency Fixed Live MCB protected outputs (2 per phase) for maintained emergency supplies.
• DIN rail mounted wiring terminals.
• Supply input 230/240V. 50-60Hz. Single or three phase options.
• Complies with EC EMC and Low Voltage Directives (CE).
• 2 year warranty.

Evolution is a fully scalable control system offering control of lighting and auxiliary loads with DMX, DSI, 1-10V, RS-232 and astronomical time clock control built in as standard.

The Trailing Edge Power and Processor Units are designed specifically for the control of Trailing Edge controllable loads i.e. certain electronic LV transformers, filament lamps and the latest generations of dimmable low energy lamps and LED drivers.

Evolution Power and Processor Units build on the quality and reliability of Mode product designs and offers high specification control and power management in a mechanically, electrically and thermo dynamically designed unit.