Private Residence of Nathalie McGloin

Customised symbols for the iCON control plates and full App control of Nathalie’s home. A couple of the main features Nathalie McGloin is delighted with.

Nathalie was particularly pleased with being able to design her own custom symbols, as shown in the Tweet above. Commenting on how simple the plates are to use and understand. “The iCON Plates are SO simple to use with the engraved icons indicating which buttons will operate the different scenes available.”

While the new version of the eDIN APP allows for complete control of your home from the comfort of your sofa. Providing very simple to use, user friendly control. “The App is REALLY user friendly: people who are not techie like me can use the App with ease. Having the ability to adjust scenes via the App gives me complete control of the system allowing me to adjust scenes & settings to my liking.”

Full Case Study to come highlighting the multiple benefits of using the eDIN control system in your home.